I spent the majority of my life working with visual media, trying to uncover the fabric of reality, while secretly knowing all along that sound was my true calling. It was like I had a temporary case of amnesia, and I stubbornly refused to commit to this mission.

Since childhood I was absolutely terrified of using my voice or singing in front of anyone else, so I never did. When I tried to sing, only a faint whisper came out. It turns out my biggest fear was my greatest joy! When I discovered chanting my world was radically transformed. I spent years learning Hindu and Buddhist mantras. There was a period in my life where my biggest motivation to wake up in the morning was the thought of chanting and learning another mantra. It was mantra addiction! Even in my sleep I was chanting. I wanted to lose myself deeply in the devotion of chanting and let the world around me dissolve back into sound..

It wasn’t until I discovered this magical instrument called handpan, that I was able to start composing my own songs and melodies. I also work with singing bowls, guitar, shruti box, and the voice.

I am learning to allow sound to do what it needs to do, and go where it needs to go. I feel that these sounds don’t come from me, but through me, like the wind that blows through a hollow reed and whistles.. I try to get out of the way, as much as possible, and let the wind blow. It’s an ongoing lesson in surrender and allowing.

The intention behind my music making and exploration is deepening awareness of the true self, and healing through sound. I hear music as devotion and a love song for the Divine.

I am currently in the process of raising the funds to record my 1st healing sounds album. If you are able and willing to be part of this creation, please see my campaign page for more information and ways you can co-create. I also offer private sound healing sessions in Asheville, North Carolina.

Love, Aleeiah